Superior Precision Rifles, LLC
Action Blueprinting
The action jig is held by a 4 jaw chuck . The rifle action to be accurized is held inside the jig. With 4 front and 4 rear centering adjustment pads, the center-line axis of the bolt bore raceway can be perfectly aligned with the rotating axis of the lathe. All single point machining of the receiver face, lugs, and threads will be concentric.

Perfection is obtained by the use of two dial indicators to set perfect alignment. One placed on the alignment manderal at the reciever face and the second placed at the end of the manderal . When both dials indicate 1/10,000 or less runout at the same time and in the same rhythm, perfection has been accomplished not desired. Once dialed in all cuts are made from this ONE setup. All machining will be in perfect relation to each other and all to the axial center of the bolt bore raceway!