Superior Precision Rifles, LLC
Tactical Bolt Knob and Installation: $60.00
Turn, thread and install a SPR tactical bolt knob (Rem 700)

Tactical Bolt Knob, Instillation and Bolt Fluting$110.00
Turn, thread and install a tactical bolt knob (Rem 700)

Bolt Fluting: $70.00
CNC spiral bolt fluting service on your Remington 700 bolt, short and long actions. 8 flutes, spiral cut at 180 degrees. The bolt will NOT be refinished after fluting service is complete. (Rem 700)

Action Truing: $200.00
Indicate action to within .0001", single point cut receiver threads, action face, and lug abutments.

Bolt Sleeving: $200.00
​Install front and rear sleeves on bolt.

Barrel Chambering: $300.00
Indicate barrel bore to .0001", turn, thread, chamber and crown muzzle.

Barrel Threading (Muzzle Brake): $100.00
Indicate bore to .0001" turn and thread to customer specs.

Barrel Crowning: $100.00
Indicate bore and crown muzzle to customer specs.

8-40 Scope Base Holes Upgrade: $60.00
Set up, drill and tap 8-40 scope mounting holes on action.

Dura Coat Barreled Action: $100.00
Clean, prep and paint barreled action one color.

Dura Coat Stock: $100.00
Clean, prep and paint stock one color.

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